Football Impact, “New Technology” to Reduce Rotational Acceleration

Pictures attached at this site: Digital Trends Alberto Garcia, a computer engineering major at Texas Tech has developed a prototype helmet and shoulder pad stabilization system that could reduce the chance of getting a concussion while playing football. According to Garcia “the system not only prevents concussions but it also […] Read more »

Football Impact, Stabilizing the Brain Part 2

A new flexible devise developed by Army research connects the helmet to the shoulder pads to reduce head acceleration by “transmitting the load to the body” at impact. This device according to Shawn Walsh of the Weapons and Material Research Directorate at Army Research Laboratory “has been proven to significantly […] Read more »

Football Impact, Stabilizing the Neck

As stated research reveals “stabilizing the neck” prior to impact is critical to head and neck safety. Watch how the “shoulder shrugging concept” utilized in the Hulk Up Technique to “stabilize the neck” prior to impact is demonstrated by Dr. Patrick Kerr ( as he explains how the Kerr Collar […] Read more »

Football Tackling and Technology

Technology in football took a new approach at Dartmouth University when “a padded, remote-controlled figure designed to allow players to make full contact while minimizing head and neck injuries.” Read and the watch video. Learn more: The “HULK UP” Technique: Inherent to Football? Read more »