Protect the “Upper Cervical Complex” with the Hulk Up Technique

Dr. Jason Moore

Dr. Jason Moore D.C.

Upper Cervical Specialist
FSA Advisory Team


Literature Review

A stiff or tensed neck creates a stronger coupling of the head and neck with the torso and safer at impact because a stiff or tensed neck keeps the head/neck stabilized with the whole torso (24, 25).

When anticipating a “whiplash” collision driving a vehicle shrugging the shoulders is recommended to protect the head and neck. (45, 46)

The “Hulk Up” Technique

The Hulk Up Technique combines the body’s natural protective reflex mechanism or “finch reaction” to stiffen or tenses the neck and stabilizes the helmet tightly into the shoulder pads protecting the “upper cervical complex” (located at the top of your neck – below) during football impacts.


The Hulk Up Technique
keeps the head/neck inline and stabilized with the torso and has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of injury to the “upper cervical complex” by contracting the muscles surrounding the skull and “upper cervical complex” stabilizes the vertebrae during impact causing a reduction in the total amount of force placed into the joints and thereby reducing the potential for injury to this sensitive and vital area.

front_relaxed Hulk Up

The Hulk Up Technique, protects the “upper cervical complex” distributing extra compressive and lateral forces away from the “upper cervical complex” and into the equipment, much like the Hans Device in auto racing this stronger coupling of the neck and torso has proven to be effective in transferring energy to the much stronger shoulders, chest, back and torso (32).

Hulk Up Hans Device

Mt. Eden High School Bill Davies
Defensive Coordinator Mt. Eden HS, Hayward CA
Former Graduate Assistant for Woody Hayes, Ohio State University
“As a coach I thought I had seen it all but the “Hulk Up” technique got my attention. Since introducing to our linebackers they feel safer and play with more confidence. I encourage all coaches to evaluate the “Hulk Up” technique for themselves.”

“To Play SAFER and BETTER Football”
Head Up – Eyes Up – HULK UP!

The Football Safety Academy acknowledges the coach has the responsibility to decide which football techniques should be taught for the well being and safety of his players and there is not one specific technique including the Hulk Up Technique or safety device that can completely eliminate the risk of injury from impacts related to football including catastrophic injury and death. To the knowledge of the Football Safety Academy no specific research has been done regarding the Hulk Up Technique, however the Football Safety Academy is actively pursuing this goal.