Football Impact, “New Technology” to Reduce Rotational Acceleration

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Alberto Garcia, a computer engineering major at Texas Tech has developed a prototype helmet and shoulder pad stabilization system that could reduce the chance of getting a concussion while playing football. According to Garcia “the system not only prevents concussions but it also prevents spinal cord and neck injuries, because all of that energy is dispersed through the stabilizers instead of it going straight to the head.”

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Learn more about how to protect the head and neck at impact by Dr. Donald Chu PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, Sports Performance Enhancement and Sports Medicine Specialists.

And how to reduce rotational acceleration.

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  1. Matt Oaks says:

    These are all great articles, something I give to my kids during the week to help them learn about impact and they have all come so far with better techniques. Also we are reading Tackling Dummies by Bobby Vernon, is his site for it. There is so much involved in all aspects from the athletes to the refs, parents and coaches. What we are teaching them they are learning to make habits, if we teach it right they will be safer.

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