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Football Safety Academy”As parents of a youth football player next to our concern for his safety our goal is to be as informed as possible.”

Will and Teresa Schumann FSA Advisory Team, Youth Parents
Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)
Developed by researchers and clinicians at the University of North Carolina’s Sports Medicine Research Laboratory in Chapel Hill, NC; the BESS utilizes a pre season test to establish a baseline static postural stability. When an athlete experiences head impact injury the assisting personnel can compare the athlete’s baseline BESS scores to a BESS re assessment of the athlete in order to make return to play decisions following mild head injury. To review the Balance Error Scoring System:

USA Football
USA Football in conjunction with the NFL is a sponsor of the “Heads Up” tackling program for America’s youth and high school football communities. Quickly view the “Heads Up” tackling video at:;Heads-Up-Football

Moms Team provides parents of young athletes with a comprehensive wealth of information from recognized experts regarding the following headline topics:

  • Heath and Safety: including a through youth sports Concussion Safety Center
  • Nutrition: including Sports Hydration and Advanced Youth Sports Nutrition
  • Successful Parenting: including Parent and Coach Relationship
  • Sports: a vast variety sports including football
  • Team: information including administration, coaching and officiating

Train ‘Em Up Academy
Coach Bobby Hosea’s unique use of pop up bags and other safety equipment makes this a must view for all coaches who wish to teach safe tackling with or without helmets and shoulder pads.

The Smartest Team
The Smartest Team sponsored by and its’ Founder and Publisher Brook de Lench to promote football concussion awareness, management, testing and more.

Sports Legacy Institute (SLI)
Founded in 2007 by Christopher Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu, “the mission of the Sports Legacy Institute is to advance the study treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.” The SLI advocates the elimination of full contact practices for high school in spring or summer except during the preseason and in season as well as limiting contact practices in high school to one or fewer per week.

GETTING HIT: “Man vs. Car vs. Football”
How do they stack up, a visual comparative analysis.

The Football Safety Academy acknowledges there is not one specific technique or safety device that can completely eliminate the risk of injury to the head, neck or spinal column from impacts related to football. In no way can the “Hulk Up” technique absolutely guarantee the prevention of injury.